Thursday, October 6, 2011

LDP, Coin Slot and Feet

Big update today as I'm catching up on a few things that I haven't posted yet. Got the LDP installed by putting in spacers under it for it to sit on top of then glued the port in place. 

Next up I had to build up the ends on the coin slot because they were too long and didn't touch the wall of the body. 

Picked up an idea from a fellow builder on how to install the horseshoes when the legs are ready for them. I clamped down the shims to the corresponding shoe then took them over to the drill press. The dowels are 1/4" and will help line up the shoe with the leg. The magnets are 1/2" in width but only an 1/8" thick and are earth magnets. These things won't be slipping once they're connected to a matching magnet.  
 Ahhh.. the utility arms. I've been trying to figure out how to mount these and keep them in place so little fingers can't pry them out. I picked up another idea from another builder who used brackets to help align them and keep them there. Mine won't be on servos so once they're locked in, they'll hopefully stay in place. Again.. little fingers..
Finally broke out the box of A&A foot shell pieces and started putting them together. By doing one a day it helped keep me from getting frustrated and messing something up. I still need to put the battery boxes together but in the meantime I'm using glazing putty to help fill in the joints and smooth them out.

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