Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pocket vents finished

A little more progress today. I'm waiting for the rest of the fumes to air out of the workroom before tackling the next part. I got the pocket vents finished and assembled. Once they've set for a little bit I'll paint them up and install. I've posted progress pics as I was building them. Hopefully this will help others in putting some together. They're easy to build and I'm not sure why I procrastinated so long to do them..
The pieces for the 'pocket' were made up with 2mm styrene while the ribs I improvised and built up using 1mm x3 to match the strips I'd gotten. Those turned out to be too wide when put side by side but worked out fine for the outer edges. The back plates are also 1mm. I curved the pieces to match the body by just simply bending them till they held a slight curve and I borrowed Edwardo's idea to use the utility arm to mark out the curve for the pocket pieces.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Legs, Side and pocket vent progress

Well with summer for the kids over and time on my hands I got back in the workshop and finished cutting the legs pieces out. They still have the paper pattern attached for the moment so I know what layer is what. Just need to cut out the shoulder circles now.
 Next on the to do list was working on the side and pocket vents. The resin ones I have didn't fit the curve of the body and trying to warm them and bend them to the proper curve didn't work out either. So I decided to start from scratch with styrene. The side vents were the easiest to put together so I got them out of the way first. I used 1mm sheet for the front and .80x.25 strips for the ribs. Another 1mm sheet finished off the back.

Just need to paint them up and install them now then finish up the pocket vents.