Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shoulders to Legs to Ankles

   Put the new drill press to use this morning by realigning the holes for the shoulder flanges and leg then glued up the two layers. Using the holes in the first layer I then drilled all the way through and rebolted the two sections together. Oops.. almost forgot to drill a hole for the wires to pass through from the body to the leg.  Outer layer is drying up with the smaller ankle bit and center leg is drying as well.

 Cleaned up the armpits so the details fit then sanded down the sides of the legs to even up the layers. And since I was making a mess I grabbed the ankle cylinders and cut/sanded off the extra bits on the backsides from when they were molded. Just need to fill in any small air holes then they're ready for paint.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Legs, Shoulders and a new toy.

  Finished cutting out the center leg today and the second layer of shoulder circles. Still need to do some trimming in the armpits so the underarm details will fit properly. It helps that I've got the first three layers glued up so all I need to do is clamp the fourth down to do that section. Once I finish getting the holes drilled for the bolts in the shoulder I can finish gluing that piece to the rest of them.
   I've been contemplating a new toy for the workshop for a while now.. A drill press. Using the hand drill just wasn't cutting it even though I've got a good eye for if things are level. That was proven when I tried doing it free hand for the bolts and found they're just slightly off. Getting that set up took up a good portion of my work time but its ready now for me to play with tomorrow.