Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ports and redoing vents

Got back to work on my little R4 after a few weeks off.  I finished up painting the power couplers and got one installed on the back. Need to do some touch up where the red showed through on the edge. The octagon ports are also now installed with a bit of trimming to the frame so they could sit in the right spot.  Coin returns are also installed..

Got to thinking what I could do with the resin side vents and pocket vents. They just didn't want to fit and while warming them up allowed us to bend them slightly it also created more warp then helping them fit. So.. after much grumbling and digging through my stash of left over styrene I got to work on cutting out new ones. Just need to make a trip to the hobby shop tomorrow for a few things. And remember the paint scheme I have for them.