Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Time! Legs and Feet coming together.

Summer time! Project time! Yay! ... at least for a couple of weeks until the summer semester classes start.
Progress so far.. the blasted battery boxes got put on hold after my last post/rant. Again. Eventually I'll finish them but in the meantime I've been working on the legs and feet.
I got the skinning finished and the legs painted up. The shoulder horseshoes are painted up and ready to install on the legs. Center foot and leg got painted up, just need to attach the details to the leg and the support board inside the body to hold it in place.

 Outer feet are slowly coming together also. I've been playing with ideas on how to keep the side panels in place and I finally decided on magnets. I got the motor mounts out from their box and found machine screws to fit and counter sunk the holes for them. To help with stress points I glued up the upper sections. Hopefully the goop will hold under the weight of the droid. I also ordered up some screws from McMaster-Carr to join the ankles to the feet mounts.

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